Eat Chic. Get Slim.

Slim & Sage offers stunning design with scientifically-based portion control to make eating healthy feel effortless, discreet and casually luxurious.  Crafted with a gentle curve and gorgeous interlaced lines, these plates are ideal for everyday use or casual entertaining.

Slim & Sage is a fusion of credible science and fabulous design to make portion control and healthy eating safe, simple and casually chic.

We collaborated with leading experts at Harvard and Stanford, read the available research on portion control and diet and distilled it down to evidence from Mayo Clinic, Harvard, NIH and the American College of Cardiology, on which our patent pending products are based. The result?  Plates that can help reduce caloric intake. 

Dazzling geometric patterns set within 9-inch porcelain plates hide the recommended proportions you need to build a sensible diet: one-quarter of the plate is for lean protein, one-quarter for whole grains, and one-half is for vegetables.  It’s better eating through design.

Only you will ever know that you’re slimming down.  Sagely.